Building Learning Power

At All Saints C of E Primary School we aim to develop our pupils’ learning power, not just so they can complete school learning more easily and effectively, but also so they can develop a general purpose and set of habits and attitudes which will serve them well throughout their lives. By encouraging the children to think about their learning preferences and act accordingly, we hope to promote a life-long love of learning.

What is Building Learning Power?

Building Learning Power (BLP) is about helping our pupils to become better learners. By creating a climate that fosters good learning habits and attitudes, we hope to enable them to face challenges and difficulties in a calm, confident and creative way.

Research has shown that pupils who are confident of their own learning ability learn faster and learn more efficiently. They concentrate more, think harder and find learning more rewarding and enjoyable.

This is not an instant programme but it takes root and develops over time.

-It is a learning culture that encourages children and teachers to become better learners.

-It allows children to approach difficulties in learning without fear of failure.

-It allows the children to take small steps within learning.

-It develops confidence.

-It is not additional to teaching but should be grounded within everyday teaching and learning.

Why are we Building Learning Power?

We believe that BLP will allow us to develop a common language for learning across the school. The language is used in all classrooms, with all children. This helps everyone talk about understanding learning to learn. We hope that this understanding will begin to spill over into life outside school, where parents will be able to reinforce the ideas by encouraging the children to use their learning language in their everyday lives.