We pride ourselves on offering a wide and varied curriculum for our pupils. We aim to ensure they have every opportunity to develop new skills and knowledge through 'KASH' rich learning activities.
K - Knowledge
A - Attitude
S - Skills
H - Habits
Our teachers model the high expectations we ask the children to meet, which when coupled with an individual approach to support each child, ensures that every child makes progress.
We have a strong culture of Building Learning Power - helping pupils to foster powerful habits that support effective learning. This helps to build resilience and independence in their learning. 
Below you will find some information about our Curriculum. We produce Year Group overviews, and termly class Newsletters to share the themes and topics. Topics provide the context for our learning in the subjects we teach. These range from those in the National Curriculum (English, Maths, Science, RE, Music etc.), to additional experiences we feel are vital for every child - Forest School, Mindfulness, Instrumental Lessons.
Children in the Early Years (EYFS) follow a bespoke curriculum that uses the interests of the children to shape their learning. We use the EYFS Framework to guide and structure their learning over the Nursery and Reception year. The classroom environment constantly changes to reflect the children's next steps and interests as the children learn through play and adult supported activities. We are constantly improving our provision, and currently we are exploring how the 'Curiosity Led' approach can help children discover more about the world around them. All children are introduced to phonics to help them get started on their reading and writing journey, and we use a range of practical equipment to build on their knowledge of number and counting.
Come and look at the displays in class, or look at your child's Tapestry profile to see more of what they've been getting up to!
Recovery Curriculum
This year, due to the school closures and the global pandemic, it has been necessary to adapt our curriculum to meet the needs of pupils. Although during lockdown we have provided the full range of curriculum subjects as far as possible, in several areas there is no substitute for the learning opportunities being in school provides.
For this reason, we have reviewed and adapted our approach to the curriculum this year. The Government has provided schools with additional funding to help them do this. Our plan is based on relevant research, our own assessments of where our pupils are, and the things we believe they need in order to recover as much as possible the path to their own learning.
We recognise that school closures have had different impacts for different children - some enjoying their learning experiences at home, and others less so (not to mention the capacity of the adults caring for them to help alongside their own work!). Our approach aims to meet the needs of all the children so they can continue to learn well and be as ready as possible for the next stage of their education.
This is no easy task - there is no magic wand, there is no golden ticket! Rather, we're all on a journey of learning that had to slow down for a while. Now we can begin to pick the trail back up and continue. We'll get there, working together and recognising the enormous courage the children have shown throughout all of it.
Our outline plans are available below. However, we are at pains to say that we respond flexibly to the needs our children, and so these outlines are just that - an outline. The reality will be more finely nuanced than a plan can ever show.