Severe Weather Closure

How will I know if the school is closed for bad weather or other reasons?

The decision to close a school is never taken lightly.

What happens if the decision is made to close early when School has opened as normal?

If we need to close the School early during the working day, we will text all parents on our Parentmail system and hopefully the text will arrive quickly. Details will also be sent via email and posted on our website. Please avoid telephoning the school, and only do so in an emergency or if someone else will be picking up your child. Obviously, we will also rely on word of mouth!

What happens if today has been fine, but bad weather is forecast for tomorrow?

If bad weather conditions are forecast for the following day, breakfast club will automatically be closed and a text sent out the night before and details posted on our website.

In the event of heavy, overnight snow, we always aim to have decided by 7.30am but may need to make a later decision if conditions deteriorate.

Should the school decide to close, the School will immediately take the following actions :

  • Inform the County Council. They will put this information straight onto their website. Click on and follow the links from there.
  • Heart (101.7FM) and Three Counties Radio will automatically be sent an email from the County Council to broadcast closures. Please remember, however, due to the large numbers of schools that are usually closed All Saints will not necessarily be mentioned in every list they read out
  • A message will be put on the School answerphone. To access this message you need to call the school on 01279 836006 and selectOption 1 from the choices (the one that parents usually use to inform school of a child’s absence)
  • If possible, the School's website will also be updated and a Parentmail email will be sent

Experience from previous winters suggests the best way to discover the news is through the Herts CC website or the radio and NOT the school's website, phone system or parentmail. This is due to hundreds, if not thousands of people, all trying access websites/ Parentmail/ phone systems all at once so there may well be significant delays.

What happens regarding re-opening of the School if it has been closed?

Once the immediate demand on the school's website and parentmail has subsided the easiest way to then communicate is through the school's website and email, although the Herts CC website will also continue to be used.