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Volunteering in School

Thank you for taking an interest in helping out in school, we really appreciate all the support you can offer!
We need parent helpers and volunteers for:
  • Listening to readers
  • Helping in the library (sorting books, checking them in/out and general tidying)
  • Helping with maths
  • Helping with cooking, craft and art activities
  • Helping with sporting, music, and drama events (such as productions or tournaments)
  • Helping on school trips (if you don't mind helping with any class)
If you can offer a regular time, or just as needed, or anything in between, we'd love to hear from you. Some activities need someone who can offer a regular slot (such as listening to readers), whereas others are more appropriate if you can only offer occasional help (such as helping with crafts/sport events/trips etc.)
Due to the Safeguarding rules all schools must follow, we do need to collect information from volunteers working in our school. To make sure we get all the information we need, please use the Application Form below and either bring it in to the school office, or email it to us. We'll sort the rest!
We've also prepared a handy guide to what Volunteering involves in our school. 
If you have any questions, please ask your child's class teacher, or a member of the office staff.