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School Meals

School lunchtime is a wonderful opportunity for children to socialise and eat together.
We are lucky to be able to offer a wide choice of freshly prepared, hot & cold meals daily, at a price that gives great value for money.
Children can also bring a home packed lunch, if they prefer that, and we actively encourage these to be balanced and healthy. Please see the links below for packed lunch ideas and guidance about what we are able to allow in school. 
School Provided Meals
Our school uses Hertfordshire Catering Limited (HCL) to provide nutritious and delicious school meals each day. All meals are prepared on site by our dedicated kitchen team, using local ingredients and quality assured produce. They are a local provider, serving many Hertfordshire schools, and capable of supporting all dietary needs.

Our three week rolling menu provides children with lots of options; each day there is a meat dish, vegetarian option, jacket potato (and choice of fillings) or bread roll with filling. Alternatively parents can also provide a healthy packed lunch for their child.

Children in KS2 are charged a daily rate for a school meal. Please contact the school office for current prices. Children in Reception, Year 1, Year 2 and those KS2 children eligible for Free School Meals are not charged for a school meal, but will need to register with the Local Authority (click the link below).

For more information about school meals or to view the Pupil Choice menu, please visit HCL website(below).

Register for School Meals:
If your child is in Reception, Year 1 or Year 2, they are currently entitled to a free school meal each day in term time under the 'Universal Infant Free School Meal' scheme, funded by the Government.
We ask all parents to register for this, since some children may also be eligible for benefit related Free School Meals. This is important because additional funding for school is based on these eligible pupils and if they don't register, school misses out on extra money to spend on the pupils who attend here now. Last year, this funding was worth £30,000 in total to the school - so it is worth it!
Please register your child for Reception, Year 1 or Year 2 meals here:
If your child is in Year 3 or older, then you are normally required to pay for school meals. The current cost is listed above.
However, if you receive certain benefits then your child may be eligible for Free School Meals. You do need to register separately for this, even if you registered your child when they started school in Reception.
You can check your child's eligibility here:
Packed Lunch Ideas!
Children may bring in a packed lunch if they prefer. We encourage our children to eat healthily by teaching them about balanced diets. Our school meals are nutritionally balanced and we find the following guidelines, as suggested by the School Food Trust, to be helpful for planning packed lunches:
• A starchy food e.g. pitta, wholemeal bread, crackers or bagel
• Meat, fish or a non-dairy source of protein
• At least one portion of fruit
• At least one portion of vegetable or salad
• A milk or dairy food
• A cold (non-sugary) drink
Please ensure that food brought in does not contain any nut products whatsoever (we have several pupils and staff for whom this would be life threatening!), and we don't permit glass containers, cans, fizzy drinks.
Sweets or chocolate are also not permitted as part of the Healthy Schools scheme, since they do not provide the right balance for a nutritious lunch.
Thank you!