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Subject Overviews

This section collates curriculum information by subject, showing progression, coverage and objectives for each subject across all year groups (including EYFS where possible to include). This is what we intend to teach the children in our school.
Some subjects follow a bespoke curriculum that we have developed over several years, refining and adapting to meet the needs of the school and our context. Others follow a specific scheme of learning that reflects the coverage required within a subject, aligned to the National Curriculum and EYFS Framework, alongside local adaptations.
Each Subject Leader has also outlined a Vision for their subject. This briefly summarises how we would like to approach each subject, alongside some things we might like to include in future revisions of our curriculum.
Teachers in our school use a range of teaching and learning tools flexibly to respond to the needs of the children and the needs of the curriculum. We do not specifically define an approach, unless research and our own experience has taught us that a particular approach works best. This allows us to respond quickly to the changing needs of each cohort as they move through the school, and helps us to provide a tailored learning experience for the individuals we teach.