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Please find information about our School Uniform below. The Uniform Policy is also available here in full.
You can purchase starred items from the lists below through our supplier: Top Form uniform Suppliers (Harlow)
They deliver direct to your home or you can collect from them. We recently changed supplier to keep costs down. It is not compulsory to buy all items of uniform from this supplier - you can use reputable supermarkets/retailers for generic items in the correct colours, but we advise children do have at least one full set of embroidered items for when we go out on school trips and it always looks great for school photo days!
We actively discourage jewellery in school beyond a simple watch (not a smart watch please). Pierced ears should be a plain stud only, which must be removed for PE (by the child – if unable to remove it themselves, then they shouldn’t be worn for that day). If you are planning this for your child, please have ears pierced at the start of the summer holidays to avoid your child missing vital opportunities for learning. This is for your child’s safety. Please see the full policy for further details.

Long Hair must be tied back – shoulder length is a good guide for when to tie back. Fashion haircuts are also strongly discouraged. Hair accessories should be in school colours – no fashion bands/bobbles please.

Nail varnish or temporary tattoos should be removed before the start of each school day.