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Severe Weather Closure

Why might school close?
Schools might need to close as a result of severe weather (such as snow) or due to an emergency situation (such as boiler failure or unsafe buildings). At all times, the decision to close is based on whether the school can function safely for pupils and staff and we will only close if it is not possible to guarantee this for all the children.
If the school remains open during adverse weather, you will need to make your own decision about travelling to school taking into account local conditions. 
We will let you know as soon as we can if school will be closed, aiming for 7.30am, but it may be later if the weather conditions deteriorate or another emergency arises.
You can get information from:
  • Text message - a message will be sent to the Primary Contacts (usually 1 and 2) for your child
  • Email message - sent to all the email addresses registered for your child
  • Message on the school website & social media
  • Messages on local radio (see opposite)
  • Class WhatsApp groups (parents may share here when they have heard from official routes above)

What happens if the decision is made to close early when School has opened as normal?

If we need to close the School early during the working day, we will text parents on our system as soon as possible. Details will also be sent via email and posted on our website. Please avoid telephoning the school (we need the lines to be clear in case we need to ring out), and only do so in an emergency or if someone else will be picking up your child.

What happens if today has been fine, but bad weather is forecast for tomorrow?

If bad weather conditions are forecast for the following day, the Senior Leadership will make a decision about Breakfast Club and School as soon as possible. If we don't post anything on our website, assume school will be open as normal - BUT check back!

In the event of heavy, overnight snow, we always aim to have decided by 7.30am but may need to make a later decision if conditions deteriorate. Our caretaker is usually on site by 7am, and staff will let us know if they can't make it in by 7.30am - this all helps us to make the right decision as soon as we can.

What happens regarding re-opening of the School if it has been closed?

We will contact parents as soon as we can to tell them if school will open the next day. We will use our text messaging and email systems, and place a notice on the website.

Finding out if we're closed 


Please use all other methods first. If you phone the school the lines will become engaged and staff will not be able to get through to let us know if they can get in. If you do not receive a message from us by text, email, website, radio - then we are open.

For snow days - all children need a change of shoes/wellies and a hat, coat and gloves. We usually venture outside at break time to have a little snow time fun!

On really snowy/icy mornings, the registers will stay open until 10am to allow more time for you to travel here safely.

Hertfordshire County Council closed the Everbridge system at the end of 2022. Schools now use their own email and text messaging services. Please ensure we have your correct details (you can update them through the Arbor App or Parent Portal online). 
Radio Stations
The following Radio Stations broadcast school closures during severe weather:
  • BBC Three Counties Radio 103.8FM / 92.1FM / 90.4FM / 630MW / 1161MW
  • Heart 96.6 Hertfordshire (Previously Mercury 96.6)