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All Saints goes Green!

We are delighted to share that our Energy Project has now completed!
The project has involved replacing all the light fittings in the school with low-energy LED lighting, and updating the switches to movement sensors - so lights automatically switch off if no one is in the room! This has significantly reduced our electricity use by half already.
However, it didn't stop there!
We have now installed a 30kW Solar PV system onto the roof, which will hopefully generate enough electricity to almost make up for the rest (dependent on the weather, of course!).
Aside from the wonderfully Eco-friendly method of electricity generation, it will also greatly reduce the school's annual electricity bill, meaning we have a bit more in the budget to spend on learning activities in the classes.
The project has been funded through the SALIX scheme - a government scheme to provide schools with funding to improve energy efficiency. 
Look out for the link to our online Solar PV portal! It will tell you how we're doing.