Assessment Info

Please find information about the Age Related Expectations for each year group - these are based on the National Curriculum for core subjects only.
For the Academic Year 2019-20, this information details everything that would normally be covered in the full year, but your child will not have covered everything due to school closure. Your child's end of year report includes a summary of how well they were doing up to the point of school closure on Friday 20th March. It indicates if they were 'on track' to achieve expectations, or working towards/above etc. All of this information will have been reported verbally at the Parent Consultations in Spring Term.
We want to stress this is an indication only, and in September we will reassess where all the children are and move their learning forward from where they are then. This is what we do at the start of every year anyway - but this year there is a longer period of time away from school to take account of.