Assessment Info

Please find information about the Age Related Expectations for each year group - these are based on the National Curriculum for core subjects.
For the Academic Year 2020-21, this information details everything that would normally be covered in the full year, but your child will unfortunately not have covered everything in full due to school closure. In school, we have focused on key objectives to ensure the children are as ready as possible for their next year group. This is what is meant by 'Recovery Curriculum' - and as we move into the new academic year, this work will continue.
Your child's end of year report details how well your child has been doing against the objectives we have been able to cover. We want to stress this is an indication only, and as we do every year, in September we will reassess where all the children are and move their learning forward from where they are.
The children have done very well to cope and learn in a very challenging year, and we are proud of their achievements - both academic and socio-emotional. Please do celebrate with them and acknowledge the hard work they have put in to their learning!
Please use the online form below to record your comments, or those of your child, in response to their report.
The form is available from Friday 9th July until the end of term (Thursday 22nd July).
Thank you!
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